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Jul. 17th, 2008 @ 10:20 pm Remember when all you had to give me was a flower?
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Lost - waterfall
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Date:July 21st, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)

slight spoilers for further seasons

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For me THE MOMENT of this episode is when Sun reveals to Michael she speaks English. I already suspected this, but still it was such a huge moment and gave an extiting twist to her character. They told us with one simple thing that she's a much more complex character she might seem to be and we always got more proof to that as the series continued. Also love the Michael/Sun bond. I was never sure I would like them in a romantic way, because I just LOVE Jin and Sun, but the Michael/Sun thing is very intriguing too, great dynamics between the characters. Just like the Jin/Michael friendship BTW. Those three were just great in season 1, I love their arc and I think Jin is one of the characters who had gone thourgh an amazing development during the seasons. How different is this Jin from the further seasons' sweet and loving Jin, who actually respects his wife! And Daniel dae Kim is just amazing people. Also Yunjin, it's not mentioned very often but I think those two are among the most talented actors in Lost.

I just miss the times when there was more time for character development and character interactions.

I'm kinda conflicted about this epoisode though, because I just love the Jin-Sun-Michael plot, and the first Korean flashbacks, but I totally hate the Jack/Kate stuff. OK, it's needed to be said, I hate Jack/Kate with a passion, I admit. There will be no ship bashing here on my part though, I promise, I just want to say that all the forced bonding between them in this ep bugs me, all those ridiculous flirting while those 2 people still don't know shit about each other and have major differencies in their POVs.

Adam and Eve. *sigh* I think it's the thing which bugs me most about Lost. Still no mention about them since it's ep, they had the black and white stones, time-travelling has been introduced to the show since then and I fear the reveal of Adam and Eve will be a huge shocker sometime at the end of the series. I don't like Kate's "I don't want to be Eve" remark, becauise it would be so blatant if she turned out to be Eve. I really REALLY hope they are not people we already know, and more I hope they are not Jack and Kate. I would just hate it, that would be so simple.

Random: Sayid and Sawyer stopping Jin beaiting up Michael! Great times, and great foreshadowing of Sayid/Sawyer team of awesome.