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Aug. 14th, 2008 @ 11:33 pm 1x10: Raised By Another
1x10: Raised By Another

Lost-Media Gallery

I apologize for our joint tardiness! I was on vacation and Deb has been swallowed by work, so here's a a joint reminder/discussion post for you. Hope everyone's doing well!
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Date:August 17th, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)


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I'll start! Just watched this. I've always loved this episode, Claire's flashback particularly. Her story was so heartbreaking, the way Thomas convinced her to keep the baby and then walked out on her. What I love about this story is the obvious parallel they drew between Thomas and Charlie. Here's another artist type, small, fair-haired, similar to Thomas in so many ways, and he's making Claire all these promises just like Thomas did. "I won't leave you, Claire". They made that point very clearly, that she's now fiercely independent despite Charlie's eagerness and his overtures. He really had to prove his loyalty to her. It's tragic that by the time he did, their time had run out.

Charlie cracked me up all through this. His dream with everything smelling like bacon, one sugar plum fairy, and his awesome confession of being a drug addict at the worst possible time. Awesome. You really found yourself rooting for him to win over Claire, and for me that never stopped. ♥

Now the psychic Richard Malkin. I've thought this through twelve ways to Sunday, and we still don't know if they are going to stick to this storyline or drop it. We have a very convincing psychic here, telling Claire that he's seen two good people that are not strangers and are in Los Angeles ready to adopt and raise her child. Could he have been seeing Jack and Kate? The "not strangers" part is interesting. They certainly weren't strangers. Is it possible he saw that far into the future and misinterpreted what he saw? Or was he just a con artist like he told Eko and none of it was true? Did he really know the plane would crash on the island? Was he working for the Others? I wish I could say I knew the answer to this after four seasons, but we've been told every explanation and still don't know what the truth is.

I suppose he may have seen the real truth, that Jack and Kate would ultimately raise her child, but told Claire she would land in LA rather than telling her the plane would crash first and she would get to know Jack and Kate. Maybe Malkin even saw that Jack was Claire's brother. I don't think as some have suggested that Kate raising the baby is the danger Malkin saw. I think he was referring to Ethan and the Others. They can explain the present story away by making Kate the good one in LA that could raise him, which would negate the requirement of Claire returning. Either way, I would like them to revisit this because it was an excellent story that doesn't deserve to be dropped. Horribly tragic for Claire and Aaron though.
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Date:August 17th, 2008 07:16 am (UTC)
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Awsome episode! One of my favorites.
I love Claire´s flashbacks and the C/C interactions.
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Date:August 17th, 2008 01:16 pm (UTC)


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I agree with pacejunkie on the speculations about the "not strangers" in LA, et cetera. Although, idk. I wonder wether the Jate flashforward was there to establish they were *not* meant to raise the child either - or at least, that Jack wasn't fit to be his father (gotta give this to Kate, she's fitting pretty well in the mommy role. Although I liked her better before she was prgressively girlfied, but this is another matter).

This said, a friend of mine suggested that the "raised by another" title might be read as refrerring to Claire herself, who grew up without her father, and to actually many other characters in the series: Locke being the more blatant example, but also Walt, Jin who never knew his mother, Kate with all the father/stepfather mess... what we've always called the "daddy issue" of Lost might, indeed, be a "family issue".