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1x08 Discussion

Before Season Three came along and introduced two of my favoritest (look who talks like a Hobbit in the morning..) characters in a bunch of great episodes, this one was it for me. It's still probably my favorite episode, and Sawyer's line (see subject) is probably still my favorite of the show. I still remember the first time it aired, after it was over I just felt that whole Lost-y feeling to the utmost. :)
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1x07 Discussion

cave in

Am finding I really like the sharpness of S1. Again, this ep is packed. But seriously, Charlie's hand coming through the ground? Maybe we were supposed to think of old horror movies and zombies and tales from the crypt, but what immediately came to my mind was Misery (which I *read* but never watched, so what I see in my head may be vastly different from what was on screen).

Question for the week: what were your three favorite lines from this ep?
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Remember when all you had to give me was a flower?

1x06 Discussion

Many apologies for lateness of post - have had horrendous internet problems this week and just got back online tonight.

I am such a sap. When Jin held up that flower in the airport, I cried.


Were most of the episodes in S1 so full of marvelous stuff and I didn't realize it because TPTB were giving us all those unanswered questions?

We found out a bit about Jin and Sun, we got a lovely dose of that wonderful S1 Charlie-snark, there's a nice tidbit about Walt's non-relationship with his father, Adam and Eve are discovered, and -oh look!- Charlie's guitar. What did you feel was most important in the episode?

Please continue to use "SPOILER" as the subject line of your comment when talking about later episodes. Thanks!

1x06 (again!)

Hello, all! I just want to apologize for the re-watch reminder being posted yesterday when it should have been posted today. Both hendercats and I thought it was Wednesday, if you can believe it. Choreographed silly-moments? I don't know, but thanks so much to pacejunkie for pointing out the actual day of the week ;)

So this is your second reminder, I suppose? As always, you can watch online here.

Screencaps, etc are back on this post. Again, sorry for the mishap!