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lost_redux's Journal

Lost Redux
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watching Lost again

Let's watch it all again, together, one episode a week. And let's talk about it. What did you think then? What do you think now? The way that prop moved in the background between scenes - did the set dressers screw up or is there some hidden meaning in the difference?

This is a formatted discussion community for the tv show Lost. The plan is to watch one episode a week, beginning with the pilot. There will be one discussion post for each episode. Each week one of the mods will make a reminder post, listing the episode for that week and a link to abc.com where you can watch it online if you don't own the DVDs. The watching reminders may include other things as well, such as an episode summary or some screencaps.

Rules (there have to be rules, right?)

* Treat the other members of the community with respect. In other words, play nice!

* This is a discussion comm. You all write fabulous stories and make the most incredible icons, but there are other communities for those things - let's stay on topic here.

* Differing opinions are welcome, but remember that while Character-A may drive you batshit crazy, that same character is no doubt someone else's reason for watching the show, so keep all character bashing rants in your own journal - they are not welcome here.

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